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Top Five Epic Moments in One-Punch Man

To begin with, I’d like to note that One-Punch Man is a humorous manga so we won’t find there dramatic and full-of-pathos moments based on overpowering the enemy or some emotional outburst. There aren’t any examples of “canonical” epic such as Whitebeard's death in One Piece or Jiraiya’s death in Naruto. Thus, the epicism can be seen through the prism of the scale of events, humorous moments, or intensity of emotions. Exactly! “Intensity of emotions” is the point to define epic moments in One-Punch Man.

Gantz Review: Merciless and Gory

To start with, I have to warn you that Gantz is the darkest version of seinen. It’s not intended for children, nursing mothers, over-sensitive and emotional people, and people with unhealthy state of mind. As long as Gantz refers to guro manga, all the stuff is depicted with enjoyment and relish. Obviously, the author does love his work.