Awesome TOPs

Who has the most powerful weapon? Who is the best shooter? Everybody has something to boast of. In this section, I’m going to make the list of the best moments in manga, the strongest and bravest superheroes, the most beautiful heroines and many other killing TOPs. Choose your favorites!

Top 10 Greatest Manga Sword Fighters

Who is a swordsman in Japanese culture? It’s a master, well-trained, stout of heart and endowed with excellence and strength. We can see swordsmen in various manga and anime, so I’d like to represent the best warriors in the titles I’ve read in terms of their mastery but not strength.

Top Five Disappointing Manga Series

This article is intended for the readers who have already read the titles I’m going to review, so I won’t get into details concerning the plots and some specific minuses. I’d like to share my general impression and feelings. I’ll give you my own opinion and, of course, you can agree or disagree with me. However, I didn’t pick these titles at random. I spent a lot of time reading them, that’s why my disappointment was so strong.

Top Five Epic Moments in One-Punch Man

To begin with, I’d like to note that One-Punch Man is a humorous manga so we won’t find there dramatic and full-of-pathos moments based on overpowering the enemy or some emotional outburst. There aren’t any examples of “canonical” epic such as Whitebeard's death in One Piece or Jiraiya’s death in Naruto. Thus, the epicism can be seen through the prism of the scale of events, humorous moments, or intensity of emotions. Exactly! “Intensity of emotions” is the point to define epic moments in One-Punch Man.