There are so many reasons to fall for One-Punch Man manga: action, humor, a gripping plot, and unique characters. Now I’m going to present the characters who heat the imagination, to be more precise, the hottest heroes we admire. Meet the top 10 sexiest One-Punch Man characters!

10. Puri-Puri-Prisoner

Imagine a very tall, muscle-bound man with rugged features and a cleft chin covered with stubble. That’s our Puri-Puri-Prisoner. Despite his rather masculine looks, he is homosexual. Yeah, why not? My site is certainly homosexual friendly! Some attributes, for example, long eyelashes and bushy hair, can tell us about his sexual orientation.

Puri-Puri-Prisoner wearing a prison jumpsuit


Of course, it’s unusual to meet such a superhero. However, he’s attractive in his own way. When Puri-Puri is transforming, his clothes get torn and he becomes completely naked adding to his sexiness.

9. King

King intimidating a villain


You are surprised to see King here, aren’t you? Although he is not as brave and fearless as he is believed to be, he pretends to be calm and brutal in threatening situations. Moreover, he looks like a hot tough guy with masculine features and the scars straight over his left eye. His menacing aura is usually enough to make an enemy get away. That’s really impressive!

8. Garou

Garou showing a middle finger


It’s not a secret that many girls are obsessed with bad boys and consider Garou to be a stand-out sexy male – powerfully confident, muscular, and evil. Even the Hero Association considers him to be a Mysterious Being calling him “Human Monster.”

Garou is a young man with sharp features, long spiky blond hair, and scary look. He wears a long-sleeved black shirt setting off his brawny figure. If you prefer badass guys, Garou will certainly be your favorite.

7. Saitama

At the first glance, Saitama looks like an ordinary guy: he’s quite tall, thin and of medium build. However, there is something extremely alluring behind his common looks. During fighting scenes he gets aggressive, his features get sharp, and his eyes are dangerous-looking. Saitama just arrests sight with his severe sexuality.

Saitama getting aggressive


Additionally, there is one more thing that makes Saitama stand out from the crowd – his bald head. Since Saitama lost his hair, he is being teased and called “Caped Baldy”. But wait a minute! Is it a problem? Not at all! Quite the contrary, lots of women are mad about bald men considering them hot and drop-dead good-looking.

6. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki levitating


Comely – it’s what you may think of Tatsumaki when you see her for the first time. She is not very tall and looks like a doll due to her child-like appearance. She has curly hair and wears a long black dress with four slits to the thigh showing off her slender legs.

In spite of her looks, she is not as fragile as she seems to be. She possesses extraordinary psychic powers and can defeat any monster hands down. It’s her power and supernatural abilities that make her sexy.

5. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

Sonic full-length picture

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

Seeing Speed-o’-Sound Sonic for the first time, some readers are confused and think this character is a woman. Such features as feminine face, long black hair, and supertight black bodysuit accentuating his bodacious physique make him incredibly sex appeal. Sonic draws our attention due to the delicate balance between masculinity and femininity in his appearance.

4. Genos

Genos full-length picture


Looking at Genos, you probably think that he’s so young. Well, youth is always winning. Genos’s tender age is combined with his immense physical strength and vigor to get even stronger. Besides, this young man is very handsome. His eyes have black sclera (which looks extraordinary); he has spiky blond hair, pierced ears, and brawny artificial body. Al of this is really impressive and hot.

Furthermore, the fact that Genos is cyborg makes him special. Having mechanical body and strong metal arms, he looks exceedingly fierce and sexy.

3. Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask

Sweet Mask wearing his suit

Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask

Popular singer, actor, and model, Sweet Mask is thought to be very handsome. To tell the truth, it’s hard to disagree. We’re mad about his tousled dark hair, piercing eyes, and sexy outfit.

Sweet Mask appeals with not only his looks but also charisma and inner qualities. On the one hand, he is certain that hero’s duty is to protect the civilians no matter what it takes. But on the other hand, he is merciless and intended to wipe out every being that he believes to be evil. Thus, he inspires ambivalent feelings. Anyway, it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll adore him or not.

2. Fubuki

Fubuki full-length picture


Fubuki is that kind of girl you can’t take your eyes off. Undoubtedly, this young lady has a spark.

Fubuki embodies the word “sexy” with her curvaceous figure, form-fitting black dress, and thigh-high black boots. Her bobbed dark hair and bewitching stare make her visual aesthetic even more seductive. Just feast your eyes!

1. Metal Bat

Metal Bat waving his bat

Metal Bat

Metal Bat is a good-looking youngster. With his swept-back black hair, dark eyes, and bad boy persona, Metal Bat is certainly an object of desire for many girls.

Despite his rude and careless behavior, he appears to be affectionate towards his younger sister and his pet cat. Remember that touching scene when Metal Bat was holding back his tears looking at her sister playing the piano at the concert? It was so emotive, that our hearts melted.  Metal Bat’s fiery nature and charm makes him extremely attractive.

I hope you got aesthetic pleasure seeing the sexiest characters in One-Punch Man!

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Who do you think is the sexiest One-Punch Man character? Do you agree with my list? Share your opinions below.