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Saitama’s Favorite Oppai Hoodie

You are not a true manga fan if you haven’t heard anything about One-Punch Man and that bald guy Saitama who makes hamburger out of any monster with a single blow! To tell the truth, I’m impressed by not only his incredible strength but also his cool modern look.

One-Punch Man Proves a Hit

Wanna be a superhero? It’s as easy as a piece of cake. The recipe includes 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and 100-kilometer running. Mix up the ingredients and take the cocktail daily with no shirking or whining accepted. If you are strong enough to bear the torture for three years – the outcome will strike you dumb. As a result, you won’t be an average salary-man any more! You gonna get an absolutely invincible superhero who is able to annihilate the most horrible monsters. That’s the synopsis of One-Punch Man, one of the hottest manga ever.